Please note all loan options below are for unsecured (no collateral) fixed rate loans without a prepayment penalty. The last loan option directly disburses the loan proceeds to you, and you would be treated like a cash buyer.

Apply for 6/12/18 Months (or longer) Same-as-Cash 0% Financing with minimum monthly payments.
Apply for Same-as-Cash 0% Financing

Please note financing is available for qualified borrowers only. Same-as-cash financing available for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applicants, and terms are limited by amount financed for period offered with same-as-cash. Please inquire during your consultation. No money down is required with approved financing.

Apply for Traditional Financing
Apply for Traditional Financing over $15,000 with HFS for the best term and rates. When applying, request a loan amount of $20,000 and you can reduce down to $15,000 before closing on the loan.
Apply for HFS Financing > $15000